Maintenance and Ongoing Support

Perhaps you have an existing website that is serving you well, however, you do not have time or lack the technical knowledge to keep it up to date. Aldersoft can help. We maintain many such websites.

What do we do?

Routine Monthly Maintenance (Includes the following): Charge: $25/month

  • WordPress Updates (Website Management Software)
  • WordPress Plug-in Updates (added 3rd party functionality)
  • WordPress Theme Updates (3rd party template functionality)
  • Backup and Site monitoring
  • Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tuning
  • Monitoring and repairing broken Links

Consultation and Assistance Charge assessed on a Case by Case basis

Page and Post (News and Events) Authoring Charge: $20/hour

  • Web pages, News Articles, and Events (Calendar)

Programming Charge: $50/hour

  • Any custom programming required. This is generally not necessary.
  • However, if the client needs special reports, plug-in or theme changes,
  • added functionality, etc. Then this may be required.

Third Party Licences and Services. The Customer is responsible

Note. The customer is directly billed and responsible for all licence costs, subscriptions, donations, and ongoing maintenance charges and renewals in a timely manner. 

These include but are not limited to:

  • SSL Security Certificates, Domain Name renewals and registration Hosting Fees, Software, Themes and Plug-ins.
  • Cloud (Internet Based) Storage eg. Dropbox fees, etc.