Website Design and Setup

Do you need to establish an Internet presence for your business, club or organization? We can help you to both set up the infrastructure required for your website, in terms of hosting your site, creating your domain name, establishing custom email, etc. Next, we can help you plan your site and build it to your specifications. Beyond that, we can discuss other possibilities. Please visit our Website Gallery to see samples of our work.

In order to understand the full picture, please read our project methodology for the Website Development Process.

Initial one-hour consultation and Proposal. No Charge

Typically a retainer of $500 will be required upon acceptance of the proposal.

  • This is to ensure customer commitment to the project.
  • It will be deducted from the amount owing as work progresses.
  • For example:
  • This includes Selection and Registration of Domain Name.
  • Establishing Host Services (typically 100% Webhost – Site Care Plan or Other depending upon your needs)
  • Base Email accounts (Info@, Support@, Webmaster@, Accounts-Payable@, Accounts-Receivable@, etc)
  • Establishment of Google Analytics to allow you to review your site’s success.
  • Creation of base email accounts and establishing Google Analytics.

Schedule of Rates for common tasks

  • Creation or modification of basic web pages with text and graphics Charge: $20/hour
  • Analysis, Design, any Programming required and technical operations Charge: $50/hour
  • EMail account setup and transfer of existing inbox Charge: $25/typical account
  • In-House Training for website maintenance (if desired) Charge $50/hour – Venue provided by customer.

Other services or features

  • Such things as on-line sales, photography, graphics design, on-line training, setup of advertising, competitor analysis, etc., will need to be discussed and could potentially become a formal project, depending upon complexity.

Note. The customer is solely responsible for any fees and services provided by Internet Service Providers, Hosting Services, Annual Domain Name renewals, Advertising costs, venues for meetings and training and other third-party products or services required.