Computer Repair

Workstation Tune-up  Charge: $100 excluding Parts.

No matter how well you care for your computer, it should be properly maintained at least once a year just like your furnace. At Aldersoft we do a thorough inspection of your computer’s hardware and software to detect any problems that may be present or just below the surface that can be fixed before they cause problems. As well, we ensure that all of your standard software is up to date and that they are free of viruses and other malware that could slow down your computer or worse, compromise your privacy.

We will also make recommendations for any hardware replacements or upgrades that will improve your computer. For example, adding memory to reduce speed problems, replace failing hard disks, etc. We will always consult with you and get your approval before any such replacements or upgrades are performed.

We can also save you money by installing free software such as Libre Office, Avira Security, IDrive Backup Basic, and other leading Open Source and Public Domain software. Again we will discuss these before we proceed with the installation.


 Without support, older versions of Windows very quickly lose compatibility with recent software and leaves you vulnerable to malware. This eventually leaves you with a machine that may still work fine, but the software seldom functions and generally cannot be upgraded. Click here to find more about how we can help.

Data Recovery and Transfer  charge: $50 excluding Parts

Pick-up and Delivery/Onsite Visit Charge: $20 in the Winnipeg Area.