Aldersoft now supports ChromeOS

ChromeOS, also known as Chromium OS, from Google is designed to be an “instant-on” easy to use and maintain the operating system. For people who mostly want to access the web, email, work on documents, etc. Note, ChromeOS is built on the assumption that you will be connected to the Internet when it is in use.

It is fast, easy to install and you can run it from a USB stick. So you do not need to get rid of your old operating system. As it can run from the USB, all you really need is a computer connected to a network to run it, making it a great OS to take on vacation or for those on-the-road business trips. Data is stored on Google Drive. Also, your user account is your Google account, so you will need to get one. It is free from Google.

Edition Pricing

ChromeOS Flex from Chrome Enterprise is free for home and personal use. You can scale it up to the Enterprise Edition, You can scale it up to the Enterprise edition. which includes centralized management and reporting. You should review their frequently asked questions.

Technical Requirements

Windows, Mac, or Linux device to install ChromeOS Flex on—your target device

  • Architecture: Intel or AMD x86-64-bit compatible device.
  • RAM: 4 GB.
  • Internal storage: 16 GB.
  • Bootable from USB drive.
  • BIOS: Full administrator access. …
  • Processor and graphics: Components made before 2010 might result in a poor experience.

Contact Us

If you would like us to set it up for you, contact us or email Info@Aldersoft.CA.